Hosts Steve Larimore and Julia Schultz team up in " Boatwizard Treasures" to find and flip serviceable used classic boats. Steve scours the Internet and local trade publications for bargain-priced modern classics needing attention. Julia oversees the Boatwizard team as they apply the elbow grease to bring the boats up to a nearly new condition, allowing Captain Steve to "sell them" for a profit.

Boatwizard TV Format

Each project spans a pair of 30-minute episodes, in which Cap'n Steve buys a Vessel and turns it over to his team of Boat Wizards for repairs and restoration, then sells it on for a Profit. The Boat Wizard hostess, Julia, Follows the Team as they restore the Vessel at various Boat yards in San Diego California. Budgets are varied, depending on the target Boat. For example, a $58,000 budget was set on buying and restoring a Classic 1972 Grand Banks Trawler. The completed restoration including painting, restoring Teak Rails Decks rails and interior, Rebuilding the Ford Leyman Diesel Engine and upgrading all of the Electrical and Navigational Equipment.

Over the last 40 years The Grand Banks has established a well earned reputation as an excellent coastal cruiser and Boat wizards Boat is no exception. Equipped with a single Ford Lehman 120 HP engine, she cruises comfortably at 8 knots

and is capable of a maximum speed of 9 knots. Renowned craftsmanship with teak joinery, numerous factory options and a superb layout.this vessel offers an excellent opportunity to obtain the gold standard for "affordable pocket cruisers". It's rather difficult to find a better configured or constructed thirty-two foot vessel for the recreational yachtsman. The final Selling price of $67,000.00 brings the Boat Wizards a tidy profit of $19,000.00


The show is being created with a Broad audience in mind. The costs, and thus any profit or loss for a given project, are assessed without consideration of the labor costs of the Boat wizards Team. The assumption is that a well-equipped and able enthusiast could complete all work himself but if repairs require professional help, like Major Hull refinishing, complicated Navigational electronics, or Engine replacements, they are added to the final cost.

Sometimes, painting is done by hand using a spray-can with the Boat in Water instead of going to professional painting Boat Yard for an Expensive Haul out.. This is usually reserved for Boats where only a portion of the vessel needs painting, or where the part being painted has little effect on the overall appearance. When Captain Steve consider that the appearance of the repaint will make a notable difference to the sale value, professional painting is undertaken at the Boat Yard. All repairs are carried out by our Boat Wizards Professions, it is usual for Julia to show and Explain to the audience the majority if not all of the preparation work prior to painting or restoring of Vessels. Also She addressed each vessel, its service history, Hull defects (e.g. rust, Blisters), worn-out interiors and accessories. Vessels that have either been inactive for long periods of time or purchased from outside the US are restored and modified to pass the country's strict UGCG Safety Standards.

Part one

Captain Steve starts with a budget to buy and then fix up a vessel.

Julia gives a brief history of the merits of the chosen model of Boat.

Captain Steve locates, test drives, negotiates for and buys the vessel (usually sealed with a handshake and Steve triumphantly expressing to camera that he's just bought a Classic Grand Banks Trawler). Some purchases require long at Sea Retrievals and Deliveries, These voyages provide Real Time Sea Experiences with Captain Steve and his well seasoned team of Boat Wizards.

Than Captain Steve turns it over the Boat to Wizards, and together they assess its needs, often with the Team criticizing Captain Steve's choice of boat as being too dilapidated and needing too much work.

the Boat Wizards begins work, While Julia providing assessments of the work and its challenges.

Captain Steve stops by the Boat Yard to oversee progress, and expenditures are reviewed.

Part two

Captain Steve goes on a field trip to procure some required parts.

Julia interviews an owner of a similar vessel in top condition, then comments on the Boat.

The Team finishes the work on the project vessel which is subsequently shown on a Sea Trail at Sea with Captain Steve at the helm. .

There is a final tally of expenditures.

Captain Steve, who is also a licensed Yacht Broker, sells the vessel to a new owner (after the inevitable haggling). The deal is sealed when Captain Steve tosses the keys to the Happy New Boat Owner.

Julia summarizes what the final selling price and profit is (or in rare instances what the loss is) and usually states that they have saved another vessel to be enjoyed by the new owner.






Captain Steve starts each episode at his

Shelter Island Boatyard Office Computer searching the Internet for the next Boat Wizards Project.

Shelter Island Boatyard on San Diego’s Shelter Island is an international destination for both boat owners and operators . There is plenty of room to do all of the necessary work on all types of boats, ranging from a 200-foot mega power yacht needing above-the-water work, to the 40-foot sailing yacht requiring engine and generator work. 

Services Summary: Lift capacity - Two Travelifts 80 ton and 30 ton, 25 ton crane.

Mechanical repairs: Coleman Marine, PacWest, Sunset Marine, Viking Marine, Western Yacht Commissioning, Yacht Outfitting. Electrical repairs: Pacific Marine Systems

Woodworking: Ferguson Woodworking, Yacht Docktor. Chandleries nearby.

Painting: LPU, J.A.G. Yacht Painting, Miguel Hernandez Yacht Refinishing, varnishing, buffing and waxing, Oceanview Yacht Refinishing.

Aluminum work: Benchmark Welding, PacWest. Gelcoat repairs: Shelter Island Boatyard, J.A.G.

Yacht Painting: Miguel Hernandez Yacht Refinishing.

Canvas and upholstery: Athena’s Upholstery.

Rigging shop: Western Yacht Commissioning, Hooper Yacht Commissioning

Light rigging: Viking Marine.

Electronics: Services performed by various tenants.

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