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Our Cast And Crew has 31 Emmys

Robert Gardner

Robert Gardner is a Writer Director and Producer, and 31 time Emmy award winner as well as a Past National Trustee of the National Academy of Television Arts & Scienses and past President of the Pacific Southwest Chapter of the Television Academy.

He's a Producer and Cinematographer for Americas Finest City Productions Studios. He has a Bachelors degree in Television Production and minor in Cinematography from San Diego State University.

Bob worked for the ABC San Diego affiliate in the on-air News programming department and later was the Producer / Director of the documentary and commercial production department of CBS station KFMB TV. He was the DP of the multi award winning CBS Network animal show ZOORAMA, from the world famous San Diego Zoo.

He has also served as Second Unit Director of Photography on several Hollywood feature films , and Segment Producer for various network TV programs, commercials, music videos and television pilots around the country.

Steve Larimore

Steve Larimore is a 100 ton Master Captain and licensed Yacht and Shipbroker. Steve uses his skills as a former Auto body Shop owner and buyer of used cars to be restored and sold for profit. He's also responsible for procuring replacement parts and sometimes specialists to refurbish expensive Yacht parts.

Steve is an experts in the fields of fast cars, faster boats and high powered, lightning fast private jets and is one of those Producers with a remarkable eye for cinematic concepts.

Over the years he has pursued a host of careers in entertainment beginning when he founded The Red Baron Steak House Chain on the airports of California where he began his flying endeavors becoming an instrument rated Pilot. He Flew a LEAR JET to the outer edge of the atmosphere to an altitude of 60,000 feet, twice as high as civilian Airliners.

In the early 90's he created " Relax dockside Boat & Bed where he pursued anothe exciting venture becoming a US Coast Guard certified 100 ton Master Captain.

Steve's Theaer Arts background began in High School and progressed through College when he was recruited to the University of California Los Angeles where he majored in Theater Arts and Cinematography.

Julia Schultz

Julia Schultz was born in San diego. She got her big break when she was chosen as the Playmate of the Month in November of 1998. After appearing in Playboy, Julia Schultz made several appearances in movies and television. Her movie credits include The Nutty Professor 2, Tomcats, Rush Hour 2, and Love Stinks. television shows, including Pacific Blue and Bay watch. "Silk Stockings" and " Who wants to date a Hooters Girl?”

Julia brings a touch of feminine class to the high-powered world of “Boy Toys”-and proves that great toys aren't just for good boys. Filmography

2002 The New Guy Tommy Lee's Girlfriend (uncredited)

2002 Imagine That (TV series) Tabitha Inner Critic (2002) … Tabitha

The Married Balladeer (2002) … Tabitha The Macho Therapist (2002) …Tabitha Lucy (2002) …

Mary Mary Mary (2002) … Tabitha 2001 Rush Hour 2 Tex's Girlfriend 2001

TheForsaken Blonde 2001 Tomcats Grosse Pointe (TV series) Puppet Master (2000) …

Melanie 2000 Nutty Professor II: The Klumps Receptionist 2000/I Ready to Rumble Kitty