Boy Toy's

Exotic Toy's..

Boy Toys, is a Simi scripted reality series that follows the whims of a brilliant mastermind "The Phantom" who each week is found seated at the fireplace in the library of his remote mansion, sipping brandy, smoking a cigar and pulling the strings behind the scenes and who keeps his agents on mission after mission to find his clients the most, exhilarating forms of transportation on Earth.

The show features the most exciting and engaging stories from "The Phantom's" three very different agents, Julia the Playboy Playmate, Marco the Exotic Car Broker and Captain Steve a Master ship’s captain and aircraft pilot. Each episode will profile the agents as they chase down the different types and forms of exotic transportation they seek. Each agent takes us to a different part of the World to follow these unique individuals and examine these Exotic Dream Machines.

Special attention is given to the prices paid for the various luxuries with which the upper crust enhances their daily lives. The sky's the limit! Each episode sets out on an adventure to follow the most exciting and engaging stories from these three very different agents and experience the adrenaline rush of the search and the euphoria of finding just the right Cars, Trains, Boats and Planes.

Have you ever wished for the chance to leave behind the safe, comfortable monotony of your every day life? Have you seen or heard of a dangerous Vehicles operated only by thrill seekers and adventurers and said,I could do that? Now you can. Join us as we set out on a global adventure to find real-life Boy Toys that only a very few of us can afford.

We are sure to keep you riveted, fascinated and waiting to see the next ultimate Boy Toy.

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